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The Air District holds many community meetings on air quality topics. Most of these are informational in nature, where The District asks for input on activities and answers questions on such topics as regulationsclean air plans and strategies and issues of interest to a the community.

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4/24/2015 Public Workshop for Proposed Amendments to Regulation 6-Rule 3: Wood Burning Devices Webcast Archive
More Information:
(96.43 kb PDF, 1 pg)

4/23/15 Mobile Source Committee Meeting Webcast Archive
More Information:
(1 Mb PDF, 51 pgs)

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  • Air District Info

    The Bay Area Air Quality Management District is committed to achieving clean air to protect the public's health and the environment in the San Francisco Bay region.

    By signing up to receive Air District Information you can stay up to date on the activities happening at the Air District.

  • Spare the Air AirAlerts

    On Spare the Air Days, we ask Bay Area residents to reduce pollution by making clean air choices every day. These simple actions include driving less, taking public transportation, trip-linking, walking, biking, choosing non-gasoline-powered lawn and garden equipment, and avoiding polluting household products.

    Use the link above to sign up for information on when Air Alerts are going to be issued.

  • Board Meeting Agendas

    Sign up to receive agendas for upcoming Board of Directors Meetings, Board of Directors Committee Meetings, and Advisory Council Meetings.

    Regular meetings of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District Board of Directors are held on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 9:45 a.m. in the 7th floor Board room at 939 Ellis Street. Board of Directors Committee meetings vary. Advisory Council Meetings are held the second Wednesday of the month, except for August, at 9:30 a.m. in the 7th floor Board room at 939 Ellis Street.

    Agendas are available to the public 72 hours in advance of a meeting and are posted on the Internet and in the lobby at Air District Headquarters.

  • Hearing Board Matters

    By signing up for this list you will receive notifications of the Hearing Board calendar, the cases it will address and its final orders.

    The Hearing Board is established by state law and consists of five members - an attorney, a professional engineer, a member from the medical profession and two members of the public. The Hearing Board is a quasi-judicial body that rules on particular cases that affect only individual facilities. It is authorized to hear requests for variance relief, permit revocation, abatement orders, and appeals by permit applicants, or by interested third parties, concerning the issuance or denial of permits.

  • BAAQMD – Seminars

    The Air District regularly hosts and webcasts scientific, air quality seminars. By signing up for this list you will receive notifications of upcoming air quality seminars.

  • Reg Changes

    The District will issue new editions of Rules and Regulations from time to time, when warranted by additions and other changes. Use this link above to sign up for more information on the Air District Regulation changes.

  • Settlement Notification

    With Settlement Notice Registration you will be notified by email when the Bay Area Air Quality Management District has completed a Settlement of $100,000 or more.

Last Updated: 9/29/2014