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On days that are forecast to have high ozone concentrations, please refrain from driving or using gasoline powered garden equipment or consumer products that pollute.

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4/20/2015 Personnel Committee Meeting
(Video streams live at 9:30am)
More Information:
(66 kb PDF, 12 pgs)

4/20/2015 Stationary Source Committee Meeting
(Video streams live at 10:30am)
More Information:
(72 kb PDF, 12 pgs)

Recent Webcasts

4/15/15 Ad Hoc Building Committee Meeting Webcast archive will be available 48-72 hours after the meeting.
More Information:
(294 kb PDF, 16 pgs)

4/15/15 Regular Board Meeting Webcast archive will be available 48-72 hours after the meeting.
More Information:
(2 mb PDF, 252 pgs)

3/30/15 Legislative Committee Meeting Webcast Archive
More Information:
(521 kb PDF, 63 pgs)

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New & Improved is the official Web site of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. The Web site has long been an important online air quality resource for residents and businesses in the Bay Area.

In June 2009, was redesigned with a new look and feel, designed to be more user-friendly for Bay Area residents and businesses who need to quickly find air quality information, check on upcoming community meetings, or perform actions like registering equipment, downloading forms, or signing up for e-mail notifications.

Quick & Easy Access

The information on is accessible in several ways. The homepage offers three distinct entry ways into the Web site:

  • Live – Air Quality for the Community
  • Work – Air Quality for Business
  • Know – Air Quality Science

The three Portals are always accessible from the Portal bar while browsing

The About and Division menus on the top navigation bar also provide additional shortcuts to navigate the Web site.

The footer contains a toolbar with links to imporant site information such as News & Advisories as well as text links to general site information such as the Privacy Policy.

Throughout the site, you'll find relevant resources, like related forms, upcoming events and opportunities to apply, submit, participate and/or exchange information with the Air District.

Up-to-Date Information & News Alerts

You'll find timely air quality information, upcoming community meetings and several subscription offerings to receive alerts and notifications by e-mail or RSS feed.

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Last Updated: 2/25/2014