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But the biggest challenges may lie ahead. Maintaining what we have may be the biggest challenge yet. Even in our cleanest year, the Bay Area is still not in attainment with State ozone and particulate matter (PM) standards. Expected increases in population, motor vehicle ownership and distances traveled and climate change will exacerbate this situation and could turn the clock back if we do not begin to address these issues now.

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  • Gregory Nudd
  • Air Quality Program Manager, Technical Services
  • 415 749-4786
  • Victor Douglas
  • Principal Air Quality Specialist, Technical Services
  • 415 749-4752
  • Julian Elliot
  • Senior Air Quality Engineer, Technical Services
  • 415 749-4705
  • Robert Cave
  • Senior Air Quality Specialist, Technical Services
  • 415 749-5048
  • Guy Gimlen
  • Senior Air Quality Engineer, Technical Services
  • 415 749-4734
  • William Saltz
  • Air Quality Specialist II, Technical Services
  • 415 749-4698
  • Carol Lee
  • Senior Air Quality Engineer, Information Services
  • 415 749-4689
  • Eric Pop
  • Air Quality Specialist II, Compliance and Enforcement
  • 415 749-5172
  • Joseph Slamovich
  • Senior Advanced Projects Advisor, Engineering
  • 415 749-4681


Planning Rules And Research

415 749-4995

Full BAAQMD Directory

Rule Development Staff and Assignments

Rule Development is a Section of the Planning, Rules and Research Division. Staff are primarily responsible for developing District rules based on air quality plans, strategies and schedules. Rule Development staff also works with other District staff assigned to develop rules to provide assistance and manage the rule development process. This page lists Rule Development staff, contact information, and current and recent assignments, including staff from other divisions.

For information about ozone plans and strategies, see the Ozone Planning page. For information about particulate matter schedules, see the Particulate Matter page. For information about current workshop proposals, see the Public Workshops, Community Meetings and Requests for Comments page. For information about scheduled hearings, see the Regulatory Public Hearings page.

Gregory H. Nudd 
Rule Development Manager

Victor Douglas
Principal Air Quality Specialist
Current Project:
Regulation 1:  General Provisions and Definitions 
Prior Projects
Regulation 12, Rule 13:  Metal Melting and Processing Operations and
Regulation 12, Rule 14:  Metal Recycling and Shredding Operations
Regulation 8, Rule 3: Architectural Coatings
Regulation 8, Rule 45: Motor Vehicle and Mobile Equipment Coating Operations
Regulation 9, Rule 8: NOx and CO from Stationary Internal Combustion Engines
Regulation 8, Rule 28: Episodic Releases from Pressure Relief Devices at Petroleum Refineries and Chemical Plants
Atmospheric Blowdown Systems
Regulation 8, Rule 18: Equipment Leaks

Julian Elliot
Senior Air Quality Engineer
Current Project:
Regulation 9, Rule 4:  NOx from Fan Type Residential Central Furnaces
Prior Projects
Regulation 9, Rule 10: NOx and CO from Boilers, Steam Generators and Process Heaters in Petroleum Refineries
Regulation 9, Rule 7: NOx and CO from Industrial, Institutional and Commercial Boilers, Steam Generators and Process Heaters
Regulation 8, Rule 5: Storage of Organic Liquids
Regulation 8, Rule 44: Marine Tank Vessel Operations

Robert Cave
Senior Air Quality Specialist
Current Projects:
New Rule:  Emergency Stationary Compression Ignited (Diesel) Engines
Composting Operations
Livestock Waste
Prior Projects
Regulation 9, Rule 13:  Nitrogen Oxides, Particulate Matter and Toxic Air Contaminants from Portland Cement Manufacturing
Regulation 8, Rule 40: Aeration of Contaminated Soil and Removal of Underground Storage Tanks

Guy Gimlen
Senior Air Quality Engineer
Current Project:
Regulation 6, Rule 1:  Particulate Matter, General Limitations
Prior Projects:  
Regulation 11, Rule 17:  Limited Use Stationary Compression Ignited (Diesel) Engines in Agricultural Use
Coke Cutting Operations
Regulation 8, Rule 32: Wood Products Coating
Regulation 8, Rule 33: Gasoline Bulk Terminals and Delivery Vehicles, and
Regulation 8, Rule 39: Gasoline Bulk Plants and Delivery Vehicles
Regulation 9, Rule 6: NOx from Natural Gas Fired Water Heaters
Regulation 9, Rule 9: Nitrogen Oxides from Stationary Gas Turbines
Food Manufacturing and Processing Equipment

William Saltz
Air Quality Specialist
Current Project:
Regulation 9, Rule 14: Petroleum Coke Calcining Operations
Prior Projects
Regulation 8, Rule 53: Vacuum Truck Operations
Regulation 8, Rule 50: Polyester Resin Operations
Regulation 8, Rule 20: Graphic Arts Printing and Coating Operations
Emissions from Cooling Towers Study


Carol Lee
Senior Air Quality Engineer
Engineering Division
Regulation 2, Rule 2:  New Sources Review for PM2.5

Eric Pop
Air Quality Specialist
Compliance and Enforcement Division
prior project: Regulation 6, Rule 3: Wood Burning Devices

Brian Bateman
Health & Science Officer
Executive Office
Regulation 12, Rule 15: Petroleum Refining Emissions Tracking 

Joe Slamovich
Senior Advanced Projects Advisor
Engineering Division
Regulation 3: Fees
prior project: Senate Bill 700 requirements regarding Large Confined Animal Operations Regulation 2: Permits, Rule 1: General Requirements for agricultural operations

Public Information Officer
(415) 749-4900

Last Updated: 8/19/2014