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The Air District has a good track record, but with appropriate foresight and planning, we can do more. To succeed, it will take leadership, an integrated approach – from cutting edge science to implementation of smart growth measures – even stronger relationships with all of the Air District’s partners and the active engagement of communities and individual citizens

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  • Julian Elliot
  • Senior Air Quality Engineer, Planning and Research
  • 415 749-4705
  • Duncan Campbell
  • Senior Air Quality Permit Technician , Engineering
  • 415 749-4722

Boiler, Steam Generator, Process Heater

Boiler, Steam Generator & Process Heater Registration Process

Please read all of the text below before starting the registration process.

Regulation 9-7 Compliance Advisory

Boiler FAQ

Boiler Registration Quick Tips

Payment by check FAQ

Before you can create an account to register your boilers, steam generators, and/or process heaters, you will have to determine registration eligibility.  This ensures that your device isn't at a refinery, isn't generating electricity or recovering waste, and that you are not trying to register a furnace, kiln, oven, or generally any other device that isn't heating water or thermal fluid (there is one exception for process heaters using a thermal fluid: it isn't required to be registered if it is used to provide radiant comfort heat).  You will also be asked for the zip code of the site.

If it has been determined that your equipment should be registered, you will create an account with a username and password.  Click on Register when you come to the Log On page (if you have previously created a username and password, do not try to create another).  Do not use spaces in the username or password, nor use an email address as a username or password. Write down your username and password and keep both secure.  You must provide contact information and a primary address.  The system will try to validate your addess against a United States Postal Service database and will offer suggestions which can be chosen (mainly for the 9 digit zip code). If you don't like the choices offered, you can force the system to choose the address you want by clicking on the box that says "Choose this Address".  It should be noted that the system will try to validate all addresses throughout the registration process, so be prepared.

Once you have created an account, you add a facility (where the boilers are) to that account. A single account can be responsible for many facilities at various address.  If you have many facilities spread over non-contiguous property, you will have to register them as individual facilities.

Please have ready facility information (site address and contact), a mailing address (if different), equipment information (manufacturer, model year, equipment type, rated capacity in MM BTU/hr, and fuel used), and be able to pay fees per Regulation 3, Schedule R (There is a facility fee of $520 for each site address and a registration fee of $70 for each unit at that facility; for a facility with one unit the fee is $590, two units is $660, three units is $730, etc).

When describing the devices to be registered, one line asks for the heat input rating in MM BTU/hr.  If you have a 6,754,300 BTU/hr rated device, please enter the number as 6.75.  Do not enter the entire seven figure number as that line is already formatted for million BTU/hr numbers.

Please be aware that the normal registration process DOES NOT create a paper invoice prior to payment (payment is made using Visa and Mastercard credit card only).  Once you have paid using a credit card, you will be emailed the registration which will include device, site, and billing infomation and you are done; nothing will be sent via US Post.

Understand that no device information will be saved unless you complete the registration process all the the way to the credit card billing page; you must proceed to the final page (even if you are going to pay by check).  As such, you cannot partially fill your registration, quit, and return to fill out the rest later.

If you can only pay by check and require an invoice or W-9 Form prior to gaining payment authorization from your Finance/Accounting Department, then additional steps are required before you can receive your registration.

Please follow the guidelines for Payment by Check by clicking here.  The most important aspect of paying by check is that you complete the registration process all the way to the payment page after printing out the confirmation page (example of confirmation page).  After writing the date and the first four letters of your company's name in the upper right corner, this confirmation page will serve as an invoice for your Finance Department.  Return this confirmation page with the payment  to BAAQMD - Miss World, Finance Dept, 939 Ellis St, San Francisco, CA  94109, .   Be aware that we may have to contact you by phone prior to finalizing the registration.

If you have questions regarding the requirements of Regulation 9, Rule 7, please contact Julian Elliot at (415)749-4705.

If you have questions regarding the registration process or using the website, please contact Duncan Campbell (415)749-4722.

Note:  At this time, the mechanism for renewing the Boiler Registration has not been implemented; there currently is no method available to renew these registrations.  When the renewal function is built into the system, the listed contact person will be notified by email with further instruction on how to renew their devices.

Last Updated: 11/14/2014