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Air Quality Fact

The State of California has classified more than 180 toxic air contaminants, which are emitted by mobile sources such as diesel trucks, locomotives, and ships as well as by stationary sources such as refineries, gas stations, and dry cleaners.

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  • Julian Elliot
  • Senior Air Quality Engineer, Technical Services
  • 415 749-4705

Boiler, Steam Generator, Process Heater

Regulation 9-7 Compliance Advisory

Effective January 1, 2011, Regulation 9, Rule 7 requires certain boilers, steam generators and process heaters to be registered with the District and comply with the emission limits set forth in the rule. To determine if your boiler is subject to this rule please address the following applicability requirements:

Exemption Requirements:

  •  the rated heat input is less than 1 MM Btu/hr (30 Boiler horsepower)  or
  •  the rated heat input is less than or equal to 2 MM Btu/hr (60 Boiler horsepower) and the boiler is fired using only natural gas or LPG.

                If either of the above apply you are exempt. No further action is required.

Registration Requirements:

  •  the rated heat input is greater than 2 MM Btu/hr and less than 10 MM Btu/hr
  •  the boiler is fired using only natural gas or LPG
  •  the boiler is not located at a petroleum refinery
  •  the boiler is not used to generate electricity

If all of the above apply your boiler is required to be registered. Please complete the Boiler Registration Form.

Permit Requirements:

If your boiler is not exempt and it does not qualify for registration then a permit is required. Contact the BAAQMD Engineering Division for assistance permitting your boiler.

If you have questions regarding the requirements of Regulation 9, Rule 7, please contact Julian Elliot at (415)749-4705.

If you have questions regarding the registration process for boilers, please contact the Engineering Division at (415)749-4990.

Last Updated: 2/17/2015