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Particulate pollution is primarily a problem in the winter, accumulating when stagnant weather comes to the Bay Area.

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5/21/2015 Climate Protection Committee Meeting Webcast Archive
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Apply for Permits


Auto Body, Dry Cleaner, and Gasoline Stations Only - New Online Permitting System


If you need a permit you must submit the following, either in person or by mail:

  • Permit application forms (Form P-101B and applicable District data forms for equipment operation )
  • A detailed description of your equipment
  • Detailed information on emissions and operations

Applications should be directed to the Bay Area Air Quality Management District's headquarters at 939 Ellis Street, San Francisco, CA 94109. Engineering Division staff is assigned to handle each permit application and will contact you regarding application fees and any additional information needed. Processing time varies depending on the complexity of the application.

You must file an application for an Authority to Construct before construction begins.

This will ensure that all District rules and regulations are considered. It allows you to make required design changes in the planning stages.

Engineering Division staff will evaluate your project before an Authority to Construct is issued. The evaluation is based on your application, plans you provide for all equipment and background information on the proposed operation. It is up to you to demonstrate that your equipment can operate in compliance with all District rules and regulations.

Permit to Operate

After an Authority to Construct has been issued and construction is complete, District personnel may inspect the facility in operation to verify that equipment performs as required. If it does, the District issues a Permit to Operate, which may contain specific operating conditions for equipment. The permit must be renewed annually.

If you are operating equipment without a Permit to Operate, you are subject to legal action. You must submit an application and all information required for permit evaluation. Only then may you continue to operate your equipment.

The District has an Accelerated Permit Program which allows operators of qualifying sources to operate under a temporary permit that is issued as soon as the application is submitted.


Equipment Registration

The owners of certain types of equipment that operate within the Bay Area must register their equipment with the Air District. The registration process allows for the operation of the equipment within the San Francisco Bay Area without a Permit to Operate, provided the equipment meets the published regulatory criteria. These registrations must be renewed periodically on a schedule set forth by the Air District.  The equipment registration page is here.

Last Updated: 3/26/2015