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Most clean air choices take little effort, such as using public transportation, buying the cleanest available vehicle, or conserving energy by purchasing “green” appliances that use less power.

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Notice to Comply

A Notice to Comply from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) is a formal notification documenting certain types of minor violations of District air quality regulations. These violations are typically administrative or have less significant impact on air quality. If the problem documented on the Notice to Comply is corrected by the compliance due date indicated on the face of the citation, then no monetary penalties will be assessed. If facilities are unable to correct the violation by the due date, Notices of Violation may be issued that carry civil penalties and may lead to other legal action.

View the District's Notice to Comply Policies and Procedures (revised 6/19/07).

Why Does the District Issue Notices to Comply?

The District is committed to helping businesses, especially small businesses, comply with air quality regulations. Compliance is our primary concern. The Notice to Comply gives businesses the opportunity to correct minor problems and achieve compliance without the additional burden of monetary penalties.

What Should I Do if I Receive a Notice to Comply?

First, you need to take immediate action to correct all the deficiencies listed on the Notice. DO NOT WAIT to correct the deficiencies. Once the problem(s) have been corrected, you then must notify the Air District of your actions by calling (415) 749-4979.

You will need to have the following information ready when you call:

  • Your Notice to Comply number.
  • The deficiency(ies) cited.
  • The corrective action(s) taken.
  • Dates the corrective actions were taken. Even if all the deficiencies have not been corrected, you should still call to report those that have been. If all of the deficiencies have been corrected on or before the Compliance due date, the Air District will consider the matter closed.

What if I Need Help?

If you are not certain about what you were cited for, you may contact the inspector listed at the bottom of the Notice to Comply. Inspectors can be reached by calling (415) 749-4979. If you do not know how to correct the violation in order to achieve compliance, you may either contact the inspector or call the Compliance Assistance Hotline at (415) 749-4999. Your inspector or the compliance counselor staffing the Hotline may be able to offer suggestions to assist you in achieving compliance. You are also encouraged to seek assistance from your trade association or environmental consultants.

What Happens Next?

In some cases, the Inspector may contact you to follow-up on the Notice to Comply and verify your corrective action. If you have corrected all of the violations cited on the Notice to Comply and notified the Air District, your obligations regarding the Notice to Comply are met. You are encouraged to prevent deficiencies from happening in the future.


If you have specific questions about the situation that caused you to receive a Notice To Comply, contact the inspector who issued it by calling the District's dispatch center.

Last Updated: 7/8/2011