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The Federal Clean Air Act is one of a number of pieces of legislatin relating to the reduction of smog and air pollution in general.

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  • Joseph Slamovich
  • Senior Advanced Projects Advisor, Engineering
  • 415 749-4681


Compliance Assistance

415 749 4999

Compliance and Enforcement

415 749-4795

Compliance and Assistance Hotline


Industry Compliance School




Speakers Bureau

415 749-4900

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Compliance Assistance

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District's Compliance Assistance Program provides assistance to area business owners to aid their efforts to reduce emissions and comply with District regulations.

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Services Provided

Compliance Assistance Hotline: (415) 749-4999

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District Compliance Assistance Hotline provides businesses with valuable assistance in understanding and complying with air quality regulations. A call to the Hotline connects you to a compliance specialist who will get you the answers you need quickly and efficiently. The specialist will answer questions about compliance for your particular operation, including applicable regulations, record keeping, permitting and more. If you need additional technical assistance, a Courtesy Site Visit by a technical advisor can be arranged.

Industry Compliance School: (415) 749-4778

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District periodically holds classes to educate regulated industries about compliance with air quality regulations. Through these Industry Compliance Schools (ICS), the Air District provides:


  • Information on public health impacts of air pollution
  • Compliance assistance tools and tips
  • Easy-to-understand materials on District regulations
  • “Hands-on” environmental training and expertise

The Air District focuses ICS on small businesses to help them comply with air quality regulations. The courses are free, foreign translators can be made available and the courses are held at convenient locations throughout the Bay Area. Attendees are provided plain language instructions and useful course materials, including sample recordkeeping logs, self-inspection booklets or other applicable hand-outs. The Air District has developed a financial incentive small business program which allows a discount on District-registration requirements for air pollution equipment provided the participant attends the class and registers during the school.

Speaker Bureau: (415) 749-4999

Staff experts are happy to talk to trade associations and groups who want to know more about air quality matters and Bay Area Air Quality Management District requirements. You can request a speaker for your group function by calling the Compliance Assistance Program Speaker Bureau.

Ombudsman - (415) 749-4681

The District has an Ombudsman who act as liaison with regulated businesses, trade associations and other regulatory agencies in order to promote and direct permit and compliance assistance activities. The Ombudsman also act as an advocate for businesses in resolving issues related to permit/compliance assistance and regulatory requirements.

Last Updated: 9/29/2014