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Air Quality Fact

When the weather is warm and stagnant, high concentrations of ozone can form. Ground level ozone irritates the lungs and is unhealthy to breathe, especially for people with repiratory problems, children, the elderly, and anyone who exercises outdoors.

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Energy Efficiency and Conservation

You Have the Power - Use it Wisely !!

Why conserve energy?

Conserving energy protects air quality and offers many environmental and economic benefits.

By saving energy and reducing our “energy intensity” (the amount of energy needed to produce a given economic output), we can protect the environment without sacrificing economic growth and our quality of life. California can gain jobs and prosper by leading the way to develop and implement energy-efficient technologies.

Using energy more efficiently:

  • reduces air pollution
  • protects our climate by reducing emissions of greenhouse gases (see the Air District's Climate Protection page)
  • saves money and increases our economic productivity
  • reduces the need to build additional power plants
  • reduces the need to import foreign oil and gas (thus reducing emissions at our ports)
  • reduces the need to drill for new domestic sources of fossil fuels in sensitive areas

There are many ways that we can conserve energy and improve our energy efficiency. Some things, like turning off the lights, are direct and obvious. But we also consume energy in many ways that are not so obvious. For example, we use a lot of energy to pump water and to heat water, as well as to process and ship the food we consume. The fact that we use energy in so many ways means that we have opportunities to save energy in many facets of our lives. When we all do our part, small measures on an individual basis add up to huge savings for society as a whole.

This section provides information on how to reduce energy use in transportation, the home, on the job, when we shop, and in building design and landscaping. Saving energy will save you money. Information is also provided on incentives and rebates that can increase your savings for purchasing and using energy-efficient products.

Last Updated: 10/4/2010